Is Ezekiel Bread Good For Losing Weight?

You may read about various super-foods and forbidden foods if you want to lose weight or get into shape. And Ezekiel bread is often on that list. But is Ezekiel bread good for losing weight? And if so, how? 

Your Lower Caloric Intake 

Ezekiel bread is high in protein and fiber relative to conventional bread. This means that a slice of Ezekiel bread has fewer calories than the conventional slide of white bread.

If you substitute Ezekiel bread for your standard sandwich bread or toast, you’ll eat fewer calories assuming all other dietary choices are the same.

The fiber and protein in Ezekiel bread often improve satiety or the sense of fullness. This may or may not result in consuming fewer calories overall. If it results in less temptation to snack, then you may actually eat fewer calories overall. 

The Improved Blood Sugar Control 

Ezekiel bread is diabetic friendly. It hardly affects blood sugar. This allows diabetics to safely eat it without worrying about their blood sugar, though that still needs to be monitored.

For non-diabetics and those with metabolic syndrome, this same low glycemic index has other benefits. Eating white bread is like eating sugar as far as your pancreas is concerned.

Your body pours out the insulin to digest it. And you’ll suffer a blood sugar crash later, increasing the odds of brain fog, fatigue, and cravings for sugary foods.

By eating only Ezekiel bread and similar products, you don’t get the wild swings in blood sugar. This prevents the body from going into a slow mode where it converts excess sugar into fat, and it reduces the odds you load up on calories to restore your energy. 

What if you’re pre-diabetic? Diabetes does damage to your circulatory system and kidneys. It also contributes to heart disease and obesity. You can end up with not just varicose veins but ulcers in the legs that won’t heal.

By switching to healthier bread, you are able to prevent these health problems that interfere with your ability to remain active. Then you’re able to fend off the weight gain that is twice as hard to shed when you’re a full diabetic.

In short, consuming Ezekiel bread reduces the odds you’re going to develop health problems that make it hard to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight in the future. 

The Greater Fiber Intake 

Eating fiber will improve digestive health. No, you are not really going to lose 10 pounds by purging your digestive tract.

It is a tragedy that there are people lying to the public about having pounds of toxic waste stored in the gut as if your stomach is similar to the grease lined pipes connected to your garbage disposal.

Conversely, increased fiber intake can help your body in other ways. 

We’ve already mentioned that increased fiber intake will improve your blood sugar control and sense of fullness. It also benefits the good gut bacteria in your system.

These bacteria interact with the body and send signals to the brain in a variety of ways. Eat too much sugar and simple carbohydrates, and it can leave you constantly hungry.

Consume more fiber, and they stop sending signals to your body to consume more fuel. At the same time, you reduce indigestion that a bad modern diet can cause. No one feels full when they are gassy, but they may feel ill. 

Sourdough bread has the added benefit of providing natural probiotics. Ezekiel bread may or may not restore your healthy gut bacteria, but it will certainly nourish it.

And that can help your body get back into balance. The healthy digestive tract will also boost the absorption of various minerals and vitamins.

This is why Ezekiel bread and similar whole grain sourdough bread can help your body get the most from the healthy food you’re eating. And it may reduce or eliminate your need to take vitamins.

However, you should discuss any health condition or medication you take that interferes with your ability to absorb nutrients before assuming eating Ezekiel bread will be enough to take care of it. 

The Greater Nutritional Content 

Most people know that dehydration makes you tired. Your metabolism slows down. You are exhausted physically and mentally. A lack of various vital nutrients from protein to water-soluble vitamins has the same effect on your body.

This is where the greater nutritional content of Ezekiel bread can offset the subtle malnutrition of the modern diet. For example, it delivers many minerals the modern diet lacks and does so in a healthy package. 

On the flipside, Ezekiel bread supports a healthy diet. For example, it has no added sugar. We’re not going to say that modern preservatives or artificial ingredients are bad for your body; the science isn’t clear on that one way or the other.

In this regard, we aren’t going to say Ezekiel bread is somehow better just because it is organic.

However, Ezekiel bread doesn’t contain corn syrup that is actually harder to digest and burn than cane sugar. And the sprouted grains provide a complete set of amino acids, guaranteeing you get these vital nutrients from a single food source.

Better yet, you get the benefits of sprouts without having to put alfalfa or other types of sprouts on your sandwich, affecting the texture and taste of your meals. 

We need to point out that this is especially important for vegetarians and vegans. For example, Ezekiel bread provides protein and amino acids from beans and lentils in addition to barley, wheat millet and spelt.

It is a good source of B complex vitamins, where a single slice delivers eight percent of the B1 you need. Furthermore, this is a healthier source of protein than eating several teaspoons of sugar-laden peanut butter or soy milk. 

You don’t have to balance the consumption of nuts, milk substitutes, and other foods to get a healthy diet. Nor do you have to go to a lot of work to find foods that provide the few nutrients or minerals you aren’t getting from soy-based meat substitutes.

A side benefit of Ezekiel bread is that almost no one is allergic to it, assuming you’re not gluten intolerant or allergic to wheat.