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My name is George and I am glad to see you’re a bread-making fan just like me. Read more below.

Curcuma Sourdough Bread with Olives
Curcuma Sourdough Bread with Olives – Breadopedia Speciality 😀

Well, the truth is that my passion for baking bread at home started more as an experiment, an attempt to bring back some of my childhood memories.

I don’t know how things work in your case, but when it comes to me, the smell of freshly baked bread always takes me back when I was just a little boy.

Both my mother and my grandmother used to bake bread rather often back in the days, for the entire family. I can still remember how I was playing around in the kitchen, with the dough they were making, pretending to be part of the process as well.

As I grew, I started being more and more interested in what was going on around me. I know it sounds weird, considering I am a guy, but breadmaking appeared fascinating to me.

How a ball of gooey and non-delicious-looking dough can turn into something so flavorful and comforting. If you ask me, none of the loaves of bread available in stores compares to those you make yourself.

Of course, it takes a bit of patience and practice, but the perfect loaf of bread is not something impossible to achieve.

My first bread loaf - A disaster, bad shape and bad scoring
My First Loaf – Bad Shaping and Amateur Scoring

The events that led to the creation of this blog started one day when I was talking with my mother on the phone. She said she was baking bread and that’s when it hit me.

The smell of freshly baked bread seemed to have flooded my brain out of nowhere. No one was baking bread around me, but it was like I could feel it. It reminded me of my childhood and I wanted to turn this illusion into reality.

There’s nothing better than a slice of warm bread with a bit of butter on top, you have to trust me on that. So, after interviewing mother for all the details and information I needed to make bread (and after scouting for info online), I started making my own bread.

I have to admit that the dough prepping part is the scariest. However, if you stick to the recipe it’s usually impossible to fail. 

But, because I know what it means to start making bread from scratch and experimenting in this sector, I decided to create Breadopedia.com and share all my experiences and findings with you.

After a bit of practice and getting a hold onto the secrets of breadmaking, having a fresh loaf of bread available all the time will not seem like such a daunting task anymore.

A well formed and scored bread
This is how bread should look like

At first, making bread seemed like a straightforward process to me, as long as I played by the rules. Still, I soon learned that there are quite a few types and ways of making bread. You see, “bread” is just a general term for this type of baked goods, as there are so many types of bread out there, each with its little secrets. 

My recommendation is, no matter how enthusiastic you may be, to start making bread the classical way. As you gain experience, you can easily move on to making other types of bread.

It doesn’t matter if you have a bread-making machine (or intend buying one) or you want to knead the dough with your own hands because you can obtain delicious loaves of bread either way.

In this blog, I will share tips and tricks that will help in both methods, plus other secrets I discovered that will help you prepare bread easier and faster.

I know that time is short for many of us, as it happens in my case as well, so it is important to get this done fast, without compromising the flavor and savor of freshly baked bread.

So, considering that you are here already and you’re reading these lines, I assume you’re interested in bread making or, at least, you’re curious about it.

That being said, don’t go anywhere and try reading some of my posts. I guarantee that they are all tried by me first, making sure that all the information I provide is valid and valuable for my readers.

While it is true that blogs are made to be read, I wanted to offer information that is easy to put in practice as well. And when it comes to making bread, hands-on is the only method that will bring success. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment and give this a try. I had no previous experience prior to this blog, but I was persistent enough to make things work.

See below how my first pizza looked like ( I admit that I ate it because I was so hungry, my girlfriend didn’t touch it): 

Failed Pizza
My First Failed Pizza – An Absolute Disaster

After trying again and again I end up with pizza looking like this:

4 pizza's on a table
My Perfect Pizza

And see below how a real pizza looks like. The picture was taken in a restaurant in Rome:

Pizza On a Restaurant Table in Rome Italy
Restaurant Pizza in Rome, Italy

On Breadopedia I will tell you all about the different types of flour and yeasts out there, so you can get the best ingredients for your loaf of bread.

So, you already have an advantage compared to me, as I am here to provide guidance and help you enjoy a delicious loaf of bread right from the start.

Once you get the chance to taste a loaf of bread you made yourself, you’ll be hooked without a doubt. I know how it goes, as I’ve been there.

Ever since I’ve started this journey, I do my best to prepare bread at home. When time is short and I have to buy bread, I have to admit it, I really don’t like it. Nothing beats bread made at home, with fresh ingredients.

I will stop talking now before you get bored, and invite you to give breadmaking a chance. Most certainly you and your family will love it. With all the technology and high-quality ingredients available these days, making bread at home is extremely easy to achieve.

And if we can bring a bit more flavor to our tables on a daily basis, I believe it is worth the effort. After all, we have one chance to live our lives, so let’s make it taste better.

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