Make Bread

How Do You Score Bread?

Scoring the bread means slashing the bread dough before baking it. We slash it with a sharp knife or lame to allow it to expand during baking. It looks rather straightforward, but it is not as you have to make precise cuts in a loaf of bread. The main purpose of scoring the bread is …

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Does Frozen Bread Expire?

Bread is the most widely consumed food across the world. Usually made out of wheat, yeast, and other preservatives, bread tends to last fresh for only a short duration before starting to go bad. Preservatives actually play a crucial role in keeping the bread fresh longer, but frozen bread is likely to go stable and …

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Can Frozen Bread Dough Go Bad?

A misconception many people have is that a home freezer can keep foods fresh indefinitely. This is not a good approach to any type of food. So, can frozen bread dough go bad? Freezing for an extended period of time can ruin the taste and affect the texture. Even if the dough has not been kept …

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