Make Bread

Can Frozen Bread Dough Go Bad?

A misconception many people have is that a home freezer can keep foods fresh indefinitely. This is not a good approach to any type of food. So, can frozen bread dough go bad? Freezing for an extended period of time can ruin the taste and affect the texture. Even if the dough has not been kept …

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Can I Let Bread Cool Overnight?

You’ve spent all day making bread. You finished baking the bread. The next step is letting it cool. Yet you may be desperate to get to bed. The first question many ask is: can I let the bread cool overnight? The answer to this depends on where you’re letting the bread cool. For example, you don’t …

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Are Cooling Racks Necessary?

After you’ve baked the bread, it needs to cool down to room temperature. The standard method is to use a cooling rack. But are cooling racks necessary? And what happens if you cool the bread another way? To cool down bread properly and to get the ideal consistency, then yes, the cooling racks are necessary.  What …

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