Should You Store Bread In A Bread Box?

Bread boxes have been so popular for so long that nearly everyone can remember them in childhood. Your family had one in the kitchen, and Grandma’s house would not have been the same without a loaf of bread waiting in the bread box.

As times change, you may be wondering if the bread should be stored in a bread box. When bread is wrapped and the box stored appropriately, it is the best method to keep bread in good condition for a short period of time. You will not need to worry about your bread becoming stale or moldly, or harmed by insects or dust.

Why Should You Store Bread In A Bread Box?

Bread boxes are not simply decorative accessories. There are practical reasons for keeping bread in bread boxes. 

While the main reason is to keep bread fresh, there are a number of ways this can be accomplished with a good bread box. It will keep excess moisture away from the bread so your bread does not become moldly.

At the same time, the bread will retain its own moisture. It will stay soft, instead of becoming dry. It will taste good, and maintain a nice texture. 

A bread box will also protect your bread from the environment. The bread will be safe from ants and other insects, dust, and airborne particles. 

How To Choose A Bread Box?

When you are thinking of buying a bread box, appearance is not nearly as important as the way it functions. You want a box that is airtight when it is closed. This will keep the natural moisture in your bread, and allow air to circulate in the box, yet keep outside air and moisture away from the bread. 

This is the most important feature, but there are other features to consider. Perhaps a standard sized box will meet your needs, or your needs differ. Depending on your circumstances, you can find smaller or larger bread boxes. 

A second feature is the material. Bread boxes can be found in a variety of materials. While wood has been popular for generations, other examples include acrylic, aluminum, and ceramic. If you choose a high-quality bread box, the material is a matter of personal preference. 

How To Store Bread In A Bread Box For The Best Results 

When you want fresh bread every time, consider how to store the bread and where to keep the bread box. Instead of simply placing the loaf in the box, wrap it for extra protection.

You can use a small cotton towel, a cotton or linen bag, or a paper bag. Place it in the bread box, and make sure the box is tightly closed.

The box itself needs to be stored correctly, too. One of the worst places for a bread box is the kitchen because it is often hot and humid from cooking.

A much better location is one that is dark, dry, and cool. Choose a cabinet in your home that meets these specifications, and where the bread box will not be disturbed. 

An additional factor is the length of time the bread is stored. Bread boxes are not intended for long-term storage. If you plan to eat the bread within a few days, a bread box is an excellent solution. However, if you plan to keep it for a week or more, store the bread in your freezer. 

Why Should You Use A Bread Box?

While freezing will keep bread fresh for a longer period of time, there can be disadvantages. You want bread to be ready to eat whenever you want it.

If the bread is frozen, it takes extra time to thaw or heat. If you use a bread box, though, you can cut a slice and eat it whenever you wish.

You can make sandwiches without dealing with frozen bread. Freezing is useful for longer storage, but it is unnecessary if you plan to eat the bread within a week. 

Should Every Home Baker Have A Bread Box?

When you bake your own bread, a bread box should be one of your baking accessories. It is as essential as your mixing bowls, utensils, and bread machine or oven. As you want to be proud of every loaf you bake, freshness and taste matter. 

Resist the temptation to use a bread box as a decorative item in the kitchen. If you do want something that matches your decor, buy a pretty bread box and use it for something else.

You certainly do not want to take bread out of the box and notice it has become moldy or stale. If you buy a box solely for storing bread, choose a more appropriate location.

Bread boxes also make wonderful gifts for the other home bakers in your life. Anyone who bakes would love to have one. Some people can even be encouraged to start baking when they receive one of these nice accessories.

Think of how enjoyable home baking is when you are making a gift list for the holidays. A bread box can also be the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions. 

Your own bread box deserves special attention. When you want fresh bread, the box should be cleaned on a regular basis. Remove all crumbs from the inside with a moist cloth, and allow it to dry before reusing it.

Wipe dust and other residue off the outside of the box. With proper care, a quality bread box can last for decades. 

A bread box is one accessory no home baker should be without. If it does not currently hold bread, it can be used for muffins, biscuits, and other baked goods that you want to keep fresh. If you keep these few simple tips in mind, every slice you eat or serve will be a joy.

You can avoid all of the problems that occur from improperly stored bread, and none of the bread you bake will ever be wasted. If you do not own a bread box, buy one today. It is an inexpensive but wise investment.