Are Wraps Healthier Than Bread?

Wraps are popular, and many people like them. When you are trying to create a healthy diet, you may be wondering if wraps are healthier than bread. The answer is not a simple yes or no. A number of factors are involved, and you should consider them all when you want to make the healthiest choices.

What Is A Wrap?

Wraps are flatbreads, often used in place of traditional bread. The most common wraps are pita and tortilla.

Nutrition: Wraps Vs Bread

While the specific nutrition facts depend on the types of wraps and bread, a sandwich made with two slices of bread is usually healthier than one made with a wrap.

If you are trying to control your weight, the calorie content is important. While there are only 140 calories in the bread, there are 175 calories in the wrap. You would not be conserving calories by eating wraps.

Other nutritional factors are important, too. There is much more sodium in a wrap. Whether you are on a low-sodium diet or only want to limit sodium for the sake of your health, there is 191 mg sodium in one wrap vs 132 mg sodium in baked bread.

Wraps also contain more fat and carbohydrates. If you eat a wrap, you will have 3.9 g. of fat and 30.2 g. of carbohydrates. In contrast, a 2-slice serving of bread contains only 2.1 g. of fat and 23 g. of carbohydrates.

You should keep in mind these nutritional facts are only basic guidelines. They can vary, depending on the specific types of wraps and bread. However, there are other health points to consider. First, the general nutritional value is lower in a wrap.

A basic wrap has less protein and less fiber than a comparable serving of bread. If you want the highest nutritional value, bread is a better option.

Second, wraps are usually more processed than bread. As many people today are reducing or eliminating processed foods from their diets, you can have health benefits by choosing bread over wraps.

Third, when you want to be satisfied and full after eating a sandwich, you are more likely to achieve this goal by choosing bread. A wrap may taste good, but it is not necessarily satisfying.

If you are like many individuals, you may start to feel hungry again. When you want to feel full until your next meal, make a sandwich with 2 slices of bread.

How Can You Make Your Sandwiches Healthier?

You can have the healthiest sandwiches every time you sit down to eat lunch. If you are preparing a sandwich with ready-made wraps or bread, read the label before you buy the product. Whichever product you prefer, choose one with a high nutritional value.

Whether you want wraps or bread, the filling does make a difference. For example, a sandwich made with fresh vegetables, fish, or poultry is much healthier than one made with processed lunchmeats.

Fresh condiments are healthier, and lower in calories than popular condiments such as mayonnaise and salad dressings. Whether you like plain, basic ingredients, or enjoy creating your own fillings from recipes, you can always make the healthiest choices.

For the highest nutritional value, though, the healthiest sandwiches do not start with ready-made products at all. There are advantages to baking your own bread at home.

You can choose recipes that suit your personal tastes and preferences, so you never need to settle for something you do not like. You have control over the ingredients, so you can experiment with ingredients, adjust ingredients, so you have healthy bread and a delicious start to your sandwiches.

You can find many easy recipes for healthy yeast bread. You can use unbleached flour or whole-grain flour. You can add poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, or sesame seeds.

If you do not like yeast bread, there are easy options for bread without yeast. The bread will rise with a combination of vinegar, baking soda, and baking powder.

All you need to do to start your journey toward a healthier diet is browse through the wide range of options for home-baked bread. By adjusting the ingredients, your breads can have the highest nutritional value.

There is another benefit to baking your own bread. Each loaf you prepare will be fresh instead of processed. It will be free of preservatives and other additives.

If you are concerned about your health, freshly-baked bread is the obvious choice.

Changes For A Healthy Diet

For decades, sandwiches were the most popular option for lunches, light dinners, and snacks. White bread was purchased from grocery stores, and similar products were used at fast-food restaurants.

As people wanted a change, it was not surprising when wraps started to become more popular than sliced bread.

Unfortunately, consumers were led to believe wraps were the ideal alternative to bread. Consumers purchased these wraps regularly, not realizing they did not live up to their claims.

While wraps are not necessarily bad for you, they are not the healthiest option, either. This is especially true when commercial wraps are filled with all kinds of unhealthy fillings.

Commercial products can be used occasionally. However, for an overall healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet starts at home. You will not find a healthier or more delicious way to make a sandwich than with fresh bread you have baked in your own kitchen.

There are so many recipes to choose from that you will find at least one that becomes your new favorite.

If you have not baked bread before, prepare for an exciting adventure. It is not nearly as difficult as you think. After you have baked bread a few times, you will see the process is really fun. It may become a new hobby that you enjoy whenever you have free time. With a little practice, you can become an expert.

Equally important, you can be confident the bread you bake is healthy. You will be happy to serve nutritious sandwiches to your family members and friends. You will be proud to place a loaf of bread on the table for holidays and special events.

There is no harm in eating a wrap when you are in a hurry and stop at a fast-food restaurant. There is also no harm in accepting a sandwich made with commercial bread when you visit someone’s home.

When you want to be healthy, and know you are serving the very best to your loved ones, avoid making these approaches a habit. Instead, check to see how many delicious recipes you can find for homemade bread. It is a change you will be glad you made.