Which Country Eats The Most Pizza?

There are a lot of records to break for countries, states, counties, schools, and other large groups of people. There is always something to be known for being better and bigger at for certain events. With the number of people who love a good pizza, it’s no wonder some want to be known as the best eaters of pizza.

So, which country can boast they eat the most pizza? The country of Norway takes the award for eating the most pizza. Per capita there about eleven pizzas per person, each year ate in Norway, and this beats any other countries record on the globe.

In Norway, the frozen pizza is the most consumed, with the restaurants holding a smaller percentage, and cooking fresh at home a little less.

The United States comes in second on the pizza consumption competition, even though it is called the birthplace of fast food. In the United States, it is estimated there are 350 slices consumed every second.

How Much Pizza is Eaten in Other Countries?

Pizza’s popularity comes from its versatility in being able to create whatever taste sensation a person wants.

There are almost no limits as to what a person can add to the thin crust smothered in tomato sauce, and topped with that incredible snowy white mozzarella cheese.

In fact, now even the crust can vary from the very thin to the:

    • New York-style which has a trademark for being slightly crisp on the outside with a soft, pliable inside
    • St. Louis style is known as a cracker-like crust
    • Flatbread crust is lighter and airier
    • Thick crust is considered the traditional pan-pizza style crust which is generally about a half-inch thick
    • Deep-dish pizza, or sometimes called the Chicago-style pizza has a deep ledge so more generous portions of toppings will fit onto the crust
    • The Sicilian crust is known for its thick, rectangle-shaped crust which is often more than an inch thick
    • Wood-fired crusts have their own varieties. The most common characteristic of these crusts is the smokey taste they get from using real wood to heat the oven they are baked inside
    • Focaccia crusts generally do not have sauce layered over them. The dough is brushed with olive oil and infused with a variety of herbs
    • Custom crusts are becoming a popular way for chefs or cooks to create their own unique flavor into the dough of pizza crust. With these varieties you will find stuffed crusts with cheese, honey, garlic butter, toasted asiago, or any choice a great cook feels will add to the taste of their pizza
    • Homemade pizza – Homemade in an electric or gas oven is also good. Having a pizza stone will be better than baking in a pan.

Imagination with a little know-how on how ingredients will blend makes the pizza not only a great dish to enjoy, but a fun one to create.

These are how other countries stack up on the list of which countries eat more pizza:

1. Norway

Norway a country with a population of over 5.5 million they eat the most amount per person annually (around 11lbs)

2. United States

In the United States, there are 350 slices of pizza consumed every second.

3. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom comes in third on the list for eating the most pizzas. They also rank third on the list for eating the most fast foods.

Almost half of those in the United Kingdom eat pizza at least once every ten days. They prefer to eat their pizza as take-out or away from their home.

4. Germany

Germany is fourth on the list for eating the most pizza. There are more than a hundred slices of pizza eaten in the country of Germany every second.

5. Italy

Italy is fifth on the list for consuming the most pizza. This country is considered the birthplace of pizza, yet it doesn’t rank the highest for consuming the most.

This number could be affected by the large numbers of Italians moving to America during the 1940s. While many moved to the United States, pizza is still eaten often, and the country preserves the original recipe for the dish.

6. Russia

Russia comes in sixth on which countries eat the most pizza. The pizza continues to become more popular in Russia. You will find Pizza Hut has gained popularity and is well spread in and around Moscow.

7. France

France is also on the list and comes in seventh for its pizza consumption. The people of France have made first place on which countries consume the most cheese. Pizza and hamburgers are two of the most eaten foods in France.

8. Australia

Australia comes in eighth on the list as more than 52 million people get into fast-food restaurants to consume not only pizza but hamburgers and fries as well. Hamburgers are on the top of their list, but pizza comes in a strong second.

9. Japan

Japan also follows the trend of fast food consumption, and they eat pizza at least once a week. The version of pizza in Japan is called, Okonomiyaki, and is often served during celebrations.

10. China

China is number ten on the list of many pizzas is consumed in a country. While the typical Chinese food is not the meat-cheese topped pizza, it is growing in popularity and may soon pass the chicken and won-ton favorites.

11. Turkey

Turkey is on the list of countries that eat a lot of pizza. They rank number eleven on the list and appear to be joining the fast-food trend, including pizza consumption. The Turkis variation of pizza contains olive oil, onions, basil, minced meat, and cloves.

The Popular Pizza

Pizza is loved around the world. It is enjoyed in several variations such as vegetarian, different toppings, seafood, and includes spices from around the globe.

Anywhere you travel, you will find a new twist to this favorite dish. You can search the many sites and blogs to learn about new ways to make a crust or add a topping you never considered.

While some people think of pizza as an unhealthy food to include in their diet, they cannot imagine the world without it being available.

The food industry is changing its outlook on pizza. You can now find the frozen pizza as more affordable and easier to prepare. Restaurants are now offering them as take-outs, and you can find the pizza stand on city sidewalks.

Searching on the internet will find you hundreds of recipes to change up the taste by trying new crusts and discovering fresh toppings. Pizza has definitely become a world favorite.