Best Digital Scale With .1 Gram Accuracy

Digital pocket scales are very convenient gadgets you will surely want to have around.

These scales can be used for measuring the exact weight of tiny objects. You can also use it for weighing some things even when you are on the go.

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Small pocket scales have a lot of uses and since they are portable and small, it makes them perfect for instances where the things being measured are not enormous.

Since these are versatile and tiny in size, you can take them anywhere with you.

If you are looking for a digital scale with .1 gram accuracy, the GDEALER Digital Pocket Kitchen Scale is a handy option that you can consider.

With its .1 gram accuracy, ideal portable design and an attractive price, it is a true must-have.


The scale features a high sensitivity gravity sensor coupled with a wide range.

This can weigh as much as 500g. Its readings can be in different units include g, ct, dwt, ozt, and o.

The accuracy of this digital scale is a must especially when you want to know the exact amount of ingredient you will throw into your mixing bowl when preparing your favorite recipes.

It also lets you check how much you eat at a time.

The use of this digital scale is important because, in cooking, every drop of sugar or flour can make a big difference.

Portable Design

The scale is very portable in the sense that its tiny size lets you bring it with you anywhere you go.

This is relatively small in size, making it very handy to just put inside your bag.

This is a big plus for on the go users who still want to ensure that they know the exact measurements of certain foods or ingredients or those who just wish to check the weight of other common everyday things such as gift packages and mailing postage.


This scale is a tiny kitchen gadget for calorie counters and cooks that can help you prepare your meals faster as it simplifies the process of measurement and reduces cleaning time.

This proves to be very useful kitchen gadget for people who wish to make their cooking as precise as possible, making it an important measuring tool for all cooks.

This is also battery operated, using 2 AAA batteries.

When preparing healthy food, it is a must to measure the food ingredients with the use of this kitchen scale.

This digital pocket kitchen scale is a certified delight for every cook.

This eliminates the guesswork at how much exactly 10 ounces it. All you need to do is simply measure what you need to measure.

Many recipes call for complete accuracy of every ingredient for you to achieve the best results. This kitchen scale can help you do exactly just that.

This scale can also serve as your food weighing scale as it can weigh foods down to a tenth of one ounce for you to know the precise amount of the foods you eat or how much of sugar you will have to add to the mixing bowl to prepare your favorite cupcakes.

Many people love to cook and having this kitchen scale is a must because even the tiniest drops of ingredients count.

A little too much or a little less can give you a completely different result in the end.

Consistency and repeatability are two of the primary elements that are the main causes for using a digital kitchen pocket scale for your cooking preparations.

This weighing scale can also come in handy when baking as it will provide you with more accurate measurements compared to a mechanical scale.

This kitchen scale is the perfect gadget for those who want to lose some extra pounds.

Serving as a food scale, it lets you check and track the amount of food you consume every day. This way, you can balance and keep a close eye on the amounts of calories you consume daily.

It is easy to use, lightweight and boasts of a simple but ergonomic design that makes it a worthy addition to your cooking arsenal.

Customer/User Impression

The reviews that the product has been getting are mostly positive.

With the GDEALDER brand name, some assumed that this pocket scale has only been designed for not so meaningful uses but they are quite surprised that this has too much more to offer.

This scale is more than capable when it comes to weighing different kitchen accessories and items like Italian herbs, oregano, parsley flakes, and even baking soda.

Some users are also surprised that this scale can comfortably fit in their pocket, allowing them to weigh thins on the run.

For day to day uses like measuring objects with a smaller mask, this can also do a wonderful job.

This can be sure for measuring the mass of loose leaf tea leaves that you use when preparing tea.

This definitely removes the trouble of having to guess how much of this is that you are really using. (MORE REAL USER REVIEWS HERE)


GDEALER Digital Pocket Kitchen Scale is a great tool that can provide you with exact measurements of even the smallest quantities starting from 0.01g accuracy.

This has the capacity to weigh as much as 500 grams with great accuracy.

The scale features a high sensitivity gravity sensor. This is also made from ABS plastic frame and its stainless steel plate is the reason why this scale is very light and durable.

This also has an LCD display that has a blue light that makes it a breeze to read readings even at night.

Its counting feature is the most prominent feature of the pocket scale that gives you the accurate count, particularly for food.

This also has a precision Tare button that calculates the ingredients’ net weight through subtracting the container’s weight.

All in all, it is easy to see why this digital pocket scale is well-loved by many cooks. If you wish to get this for yourself, you can purchase it on Amazon to experience the benefits it has to offer.