Is Homemade Bread Better Than Store Bought?

We all know, homemade food tastes better. It is not only better but also more nutritious and substantially cheaper, especially the homemade bread is guaranteed fresh and delicious but is it better than the store-bought bread?

Let’s find out.

The inviting smell of the homemade bread can be the only reason to love it but there are many other reasons to prefer it over store-bought or industrial bread.

Issues With Store Bought Bread

Sadly, most people in the US view the bread at the supermarket as what bread should be. They don’t know the difference between the industrial bread and homemade bread, as the store-bought is available in many varieties and it is easy to purchase too according to the taste.

As technology is finding ingenious ways to adulterate our bread, there is no surprise why we are seeing havoc on our health.

We have started facing troubles like bloating, irritable bowels, and intolerance for wheat. Particularly, among children and seniors, these are very common problems.

According to experts, ‘Modern Farming‘ is responsible for this mess.

The industrial bread and baking companies are promoting artificial fertilizer and pesticides for intensive farming to meet the immense demand of the public. These companies are also focusing on new high-yielding varieties of wheat with different proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

This kind of production is a digestive disaster. The slew of chemicals in the store-bought bread gives the taste and energy your body needs but at the same time, they are destroying your health or make you the victim or obesity or diabetes in the long run.

Let us give you one example.

The industrial companies use ‘Enzymes’.

The purpose of enzymes is to make their dough hold more gas (make the bread lighter) and also softer. For that reason, you see expiry dates on the bread; they are dependent on the enzymes which keep the bread softer and eatable for the long term.

Now the question is, is there any danger?

Yes, there is some danger and downside of it. The enzymes found in the store-bought bread are in larger amounts than we encounter in the ordinary homemade bread. Furthermore, their high quantity can make the wheat protein toxic for some people who have severe gluten intolerance.

That’s why the enzymes should always be identified on labels just like the other major allergen groups.

Due to these reasons, we can’t utterly rely on the store brought bread if we are serious about our health and wish to stay in top-notch, healthy condition.

The industrial bread-making system is fine to meet the demand, and you can trust it too if you have a busy lifestyle and it is tough to work on homemade bread. However, using the industrial bread, in the long run, have its side effects which can be toxic for you.

Why Homemade Bread Is Better

It does take time to prepare homemade bread.

But it is highly beneficial for your health. Most people opt for the homemade bread because they think it is considerably cheaper to make your bread, which is true, though it shouldn’t be the only reason to prefer it over store-bought bread.

There are some other considerations and benefits for baking homemade bread also.

For example,

When it comes to nutritional value, homemade bread is far better than the store-bought. Nutrition online calculator shows us that a single slice of a store-bought bread has 2.3 grams of protein and 1 gram of fiber, whereas a single slice of homemade bread offers 2.7 grams of protein and 2.2 grams of fiber.

These estimates show us that two slices of homemade bread can keep you going until lunchtime, however, this isn’t the case with the industrial bread; it will leave your hungry by midnight. We aren’t saying you can’t buy a store-bought bread which has equal value of nutrition and developed just like the homemade bread but you will pay a lot more for it.

When you make your bread, you know all about it. You don’t have to compromise between nutrition and cost.

Furthermore, there is no comparison to the taste of freshly baked bread. It has its great aroma and special texture which contribute to its delicious taste. Besides, it is in your own hands also to give it any taste you want. You can start experimenting with different recipes to find out which taste suits you the most and also has better shelf stability.

Homemade bread is especially a great option for those who have serious food allergies. You can tailor the bread recipe to leave out the offending ingredients.

Today, many bread-making companies promise in their ads that their product doesn’t contain the allergens that are harmful to you, and they are quite right as well, but many times their bread is produced on the equipment which is contaminated by the allergens.

That’s why you can’t trust their claims either.

Lastly, and most importantly, the main reason why people love making bread at home is ‘Enjoyment’.

There is something special about working on a recipe and making bread by hand which you love the most. Even people who aren’t into cooking relish its making as there isn’t anything special to do.

When they knead the dough with their own hands, follow their favorite recipe with the right amount of nutrition, and make actual food which they get to enjoy later, they fall in love with it.

There is no doubt baking bread in an old-fashioned way is a tough process. But you don’t have to count on them. We have many recipes today that will only take about 25 minutes of active work. Plus you can get bread machines too.

The bread machines take care of kneading the dough and bake it too. You only need to put all the ingredients into a pan and push a few buttons.


In case you are solely thinking about the cost, the homemade bread is again a winner. The cost goes down to 5 cents per slice compared to the store-bought bread.

So if you want to start to make your own bread then take a look on what tools you will need for bread baking.