Can I Put Parchment Paper On A Pizza Stone?

The short answer is yes, you can put parchment paper on a pizza stone. The real question is if you can bake the pizza on the pizza stone. The answer here is yes, in most cases, but it depends on how you’re cooking the pizza.

However, you don’t want to put parchment paper on an already greasy surface or it will be like trying to pull a bandage off.

Can I Bake Pizza with Parchment Paper on a Pizza Stone?

Yes, you can, if the pizza is going into an electric oven, gas oven or wood-burning stove where it isn’t going to come close to being touched by the flames.

This cooking method has a number of benefits over covering the surface with flour or cornmeal. The paper slides right off the hot stone.

You’ll want to leave the parchment paper with the pizza until the crust has started to brown. Or you can leave it in place the entire time the pizza bakes. The parchment paper tends to catch any spills of ingredients or sauce of the pizza, reducing the odds of smoking.

Can I Bake Pizza with Parchment Paper on a Wooden Board?

Wood-fired pizza is making a comeback along with other classic recipes. It is a cool way to make use of your outdoor fireplace, and you can buy attachments to turn a grill into an outdoor pizza oven.

When you’re cooking this way, you want to cook the pizza on a wood board. One of the common tips is to build these pizzas on the pizza peel or the tray you’re doing to bake it on.

Then there’s less of an issue trying to transfer it from the work surface to the baking tray. You may take it out to cool and even serve it on the same tray. Then you don’t need parchment paper to minimize the risk that you spill everything on the floor.

You can prevent the pizza from becoming soggy by not putting too much sauce or ingredients on top of the dough. Be careful of the cooking time.

Once the pizza dough is done, you could remove the breadboard or pizza stone from the oven. The pizzas cooked this way tend to slide right off a pizza stone, and there’s no need for parchment paper.

You may not want parchment paper in these cases, too, because it increases the odds dinner catches fire. That’s especially true if you’re cooking on a pizza stone instead of a wooden board.

Conversely, the thin crust that is most amenable to this type of baking style ends up being easier to remove from whatever surface it is cooked on.

Can I Bake Pizza with Parchment Paper on a Metal Tray?

Pizza steel is starting to replace the pizza stone since it can’t break or wear out. It goes on the top rack of the oven for an hour while the oven is blazing at 500 to 550 degrees.

Then you take it out, put the pizza on it, return it to the oven, and bake the pizza on it. When you use pizza steel, it cooks in just six minutes.

Many people need a pizza peel, too, to get the uncooked pizza onto the metal tray to cook and get it back off the tray when it is done the cooking.

This raises the question: Can you use parchment paper on the metal tray so it is easier to remove? The answer is yes. The parchment paper may get charred. However, it won’t actually catch fire unless you’ve put the pizza steel in a wood-burning stove. The parchment paper won’t prevent the crust from getting crisp, either.

Can I Bake Deep Dish Pizza with Parchment Paper?

Deep dishpans are generally best for deep dish or Chicago style pizza. This type of pizza is also the most likely to stick to the surface it is cooked on.

Dusting the surface with flour isn’t good enough here since the pizza takes so long to cook. This is why you can actually find deep-dish pizza recipes for the slow cooker. However, you’re now at greater risk for the pizza gluing itself to the crockpot.

In every case, you want to make it easier to separate the pizza from the cooking surface. A heavy layer of cooking oil can do that, but it can make the pizza greasy.

So, too, will not letting condensate escape from the pizza tray. A healthier option is laying down a layer of parchment paper in the bottom of the deep dish tray.

You can roll out the dough on parchment paper, then put the paper in the crockpot along with the dough. Not only is the pizza less likely to stick, but it is easier to pull out the pizza in one piece.

What Are the Benefits of Baking Pizza on Parchment Paper?

If you’re cooking pizza in a crockpot, the parchment paper makes it easier to remove the pizza. And the only other option you have is adding high-calorie grease to the bottom of the container. This means the resulting pizza is healthier if you’re baking on parchment paper.

In the case of pizza stones and breadboards, the use of parchment paper reduces the odds of making a mess. The parchment paper catches many of the stray ingredients and grease that may melt off the pizza. Nor do you risk making a mess when spreading flour on the surface so it is easier to remove.

You may even keep your hands clean since you don’t have to do anything except lift up by the corners of the parchment paper.

The parchment paper can result in a more evenly textured crust since you don’t have spots of soggy flour that may be ground into the dough. You won’t end up with flour or grease that can drip into the flames and make it a flare-up.

You have less that can drip off and dry onto the inside surface of the oven, too.

Transferring a pre-made pizza onto a pizza stone parchment paper and all reduce the odds you’ll spill the ingredients in transit.