Best Small Bread Machine

There is no better way of selecting the best small bread machine for you other than seeing feedback and reading reviews from the ones who have tested and used the unit themselves. 

Many people look for small bread machines for a lot of reasons.


Some wanted to stick with the minimalist concept of their kitchen, while others just want to avoid bulky ones especially if their space is limited.

But, whatever your reasons are, I find Sunbeam a good choice if you are searching for the best small bread machine.

In fact, this bread machine is very popular due to its features and performance.

13-Hour Delay Bake Programmable for Baking Anytime

Sunbeam’s 13-hour timer is programmable for baking anytime.

It enables you to delay bake time whenever you want.

This just means that you can set it so you would wake up with the aroma of a freshly baked bread every morning.

It is also beneficial if you want to come home to a delicious warm bread loaf after your long day at work.

If there’s no such option, individuals would not be able to wake up with a bread that is freshly baked right at their kitchen.

That is why this delay timer feature of the bread machine is something you shouldn’t miss.

Front of Sunbeam Programmable Small Bread Maker

Twelve Settings Provide Exceptional Versatility

This versatile small bread machine takes pride from offering a total of 12 settings for baking different types of bread and for making a cake, jam, and dough.

Aside from the 12 settings, this small bread maker also offers 3 various crust selections including dark, light, and medium.

You have the freedom to choose from the said settings and get the finest bread you want in no time.

Whether you like gluten-free bread, cinnamon-raisin bread, whole-wheat bread or other things, Sunbeam will help you produce it.

So, if you don’t want store-bought bread and you like to stick with the freshly baked one, you can never go wrong with this bread maker.

Features and Specs


For basic bread recipe, you just need to add measured ingredients liquid and dry to the baking pan.

Then, snap the unit’s baking pan into the bread machine and close its lid.

After that, make your desired selections from its user-friendly control panel with push button.

It also takes care of the rest baking up 1.5 lb or 2lb rectangular-shaped bread to delicious perfection.

Big LCD Display

The big LCD display of control panel shows the selected settings and indicates the stage of the bread making process.

Moreover, the big glass viewing window of the unit makes it possible to sneak peek without opening the lid.


This small bread machine is backed with a warranty good for 1 year that would’ve covered in case of any issues during the first year since its purchase date.

The best thing about Sunbeam is that it has great customer support. It is always available via email and phone call.

Requires Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean

The baking pans included in this unit are coated with a non-stick coating, ensuring that all ingredients and bread do not stick during the process of baking or mixing.

Thus, the same process to clean it is much easier thanks to its coating.

In addition to that, pans can be removed that make them simple to maintain and clean.

Crust Control

The programmable settings and cooking options are not the only things that you can choose from.

The unit has a crust control setting that allows you to get the best bread color and achieve the bread’s crispiness just the way you like it.

However, there is nothing you should worry about.

The settings are simple to use and there is nothing that would overwhelm you. There are also 3 crust shades you can choose.

Use this in combination with some programmable settings and you’ll have different options for bread.


600W of power is actually more than enough to bake and mix your favorite loaf of bread without a single issue.

While others might say that’s a lot of power for a small bread machine, it is not actually.

Some do not consider that this kind of bread maker is not so simple.

It basically features a combination of various features that provide different options to users, which end up with fully baked bread in less than 60 minutes.

However, you can be assured that Sunbeam is energy efficient.

Customer/User Impression

Sunbeam is a small bread machine is extremely easy to use and uncomplicated.

The book is straightforward to understand and pretty simple even if the recipes in it are not something that most of you would like since it depends on one’s preferences or taste.

The unit’s buttons are easy to operate and big. The LCD screen is also clear.

You can read the included book regarding the meanings of the codes.

However, it’s a bit hard to see without good lighting. This small bread machine features a plastic cup for flour and a piece combo tablespoon or teaspoon for sugar and salt.

If you love bread as much as you enjoy other meals, Sunbeam is your perfect choice.

It has features that will help you make small bread. If you are worried about the recipes, the unit has included a book and some recipes to make various kinds of small bread.


With the price of Sunbeam, there is no doubt why it’s considered as one of the best small bread machines in the market today.

It has a lot of features and works well for those who haven’t baked their own bread and for those who are experienced with bread makers.

Aside from everything necessary to break your first bread, this small bread machine has included its own recipe book that would surely get you going.

You will not be disappointed about using Sunbeam.

It is reliable and cheap and can be perfect for anyone, particularly those who are just getting started with bread making.

So, if you are looking for a dependable bread machine that will get the job done for you and produce quality loaves, never hesitate to choose Sunbeam.

It’s a bread machine that guarantees to give you the best value for your investment and will absolutely give a great baking experience.