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Best Pizza Stone For Bread Making

A baking stone is generally used for baking pizza or bread and is constructed of a large, thick piece of stoneware. Pizza is the favorite for these stones, so most people refer to them as “pizza stones”; however, they work just as great for your bread making. 🍕 DID YOU KNOW: Norwegians are eating the most …

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Best Sourdough Starter Container

The beauty and efficiency of a sourdough starter lie with the kind of container you put into practice. An excellent jar should guarantee the needed comfort when making your dough. It should go ahead and provide elements of cleanliness with dire visibility for added comfort.  Each starter container—be it glass, plastic or stoneware—is unique. However, …

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Are Cooling Racks Necessary?

After you’ve baked the bread, it needs to cool down to room temperature. The standard method is to use a cooling rack. But are cooling racks necessary? And what happens if you cool the bread another way? To cool down bread properly and to get the ideal consistency, then yes, the cooling racks are necessary.  What …

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